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(One)Alcohol amine series
N-methyl ethanolamine Diisopropanol amine
N,N-dimethyl ethanolamine SDS ultra-sweetening agent
SDS-98 metal passivator Triisopropanolamine
N-methyl diethanolamine Iso-propanolamine
Monoethanolamine Diethanolamine
(Two)Auxiliary agent for oil refining
S9818 diesel oil flow improver 551(C-20)metal passivator (No.T551)
SF-98 new crude oil decalcifying agent SA sweetening activator
SD98 new residuum inhibitor S185 liquid sulfur transforming agent
SG new defoamer for delayed coking tower SDH-98 composite corrosive inhibitor
SH985 oil slurry inhibitor S988 anti-oxygen anti- rubber agent
SDS high efficient desulfurization solvent series SDS-986 double-metal composite passivator
(Three)Nylon engineering plastic
1.Nylon series 2.Reinforced nylon
Nylon 6 engineering plastic Reinforced nylon 6 engineering plastic
Nylon 66 engineering plastic Reinforced nylon 66 engineering plastic
Nylon 610 engineering plastic Reinforced nylon 610 engineering plastic
Nylon 1010 engineering plastic Reinforced nylon 1010 engineering plastic
PA66 heat insulating strip special material  
3.Special nylon 4.The interpretation for the nylon engineering plastic
Reinforced nylon The interpretation for the nylon engineering plastic
Fire retard nylon  
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